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Professional Tile and Stone Installations | Repairs and Maintenance

Artisan Tile and Stone offers skilled, detail oriented, professional tile and stone installations. Scott Drickey is a qualified craftsman capable in completing all aspects of tile installation, from poured shower pans, complex tile patterns, to heated floor installs. He's a specialist at repairing existing marble and granite installs, resetting seams, and making a small blemish look less apparent by matching color like an artist. The company is insured and Scott holds several certifications in the natural stone and tile industry.  

Scott's experience includes seven years with DeMarco Bros where he installed complex marble, granite, tile and terrazzo projects including First National Bank Tower, Holland Center for Performing Arts, National Parks Headquarters, Creighton King Science Center, Kiewit Plaza, Lakeside Hospital, and Bellevue University as well as many residential remodels.

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